Access to digitized data

Data digitized from the original observers logs are presented here, the data in red or yellow correspond to digits where a small doubt still exists at the reading. The files are structuted according to the requirements of the IGY Dobson observers handbook. 1

Interpreted Data

Interpreted Data Description (Dutch) (.doc)

Interpreted Data Description (Dutch) (.pdf)

Interpreted Data (.xls)

Interpreted Data (.pdf)

Focused sun data (.doc)

Focused sun data (.pdf)

Recapitulative data


Recapitulative Data Description (Dutch and English) (.doc)

Recapitulative Data Descriptioin (Dutch and English) (.pdf)

Recapitulative Data Description (.xls)

Recapitulative Data Description (.pdf)

1Dobson, G.M.B., Observers' handbook for the ozone spectrophotometer, Ann. Int. Geophys. Yr., 5, part 1, 46-114, 1957.

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